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Re: Third claw for climbing was Re: Pro(to)avis

There is a lot more to camoflage than color patterns.
Feathers, or in this case, non-aerodynamic
proto-feathers, can mimic vegetative textures and
break up the body silhouette and plane. Gilly suits
work this way. Also, hair-like feathers or plumes move
with the breeze, as do leaves and moss, further
reducing visual differenciation with surroundings.

Camoflage, as a selective advantage, logically
transects more climate zones (and therefore habitats)
than insulation; further, I don't see any selective
conflict between the two functions, or the previously
proposed brooding. In fact, there is an obvious
synergy with brooding. Also, in predators, camo
conveys 'double selection coupons' in the form of
predation avoidance, and food aquisition.


--- David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at> wrote:
> >I find it somewhat surprising, but--
> > One "onramp" (love the term) advantage for
> > proto-feathers I haven't seen mentioned in print
> is
> > camoflage, a fashion accessory particularly useful
> to
> > terrestrial ambush predators, the overset for
> pounce
> > or perch hunting.
> Colorful patterns aren't difficult to produce on
> scaled skin either. Or what 
> do you mean?