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RE: Jurassic Foundation in jeopardy

>Since no sequel to the Jurassic Park films has received a green light, the
studio is evaluating
>what elements of the franchise are worth keeping around.

This is spectacularly short-sighted. It can only be a few years before
Jurassic Park 3 joins the proud ranks of "Dragnet 2" and "Car 54".

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From: Joe [mailto:jiacuzzo@cox.net]
Sent: Tuesday, September 06, 2005 3:28 PM
To: 'vrtpaleo@usc.edu'
Subject: Foundation in jeopardy

The Jurassic Foundation, which over the last decade has contributed more
than $2 million in grants and funding for research in paleontology, is
facing the possibility of extinction.  Universal Pictures, since its
acquisition by General Electric, has been looking at cutting the Jurassic
Park Institute program, and the Jurassic Foundation which is a part of the
program.  Since no sequel to the Jurassic Park films has received a green
light, the studio is evaluating what elements of the franchise are worth
keeping around.

The Foundation board members - currently Scott Sampson, Dave Weishampel,
Cathy Forster and Lou Jacobs - have been very gracious in giving of their
time and energy to its operation.  All these folks get in return for their
time is a decent meal at the SVP meeting (and the satisfaction of helping
students.)   However, without the funding provided by Universal, there
be nothing to give.

I was told today that it may be a matter of just a few weeks before a final
decision is made about the future of the JP Institute.  If any of you would
like to try and help save this project, please send me a note, off-list
being appropriate, expressing your support for the foundation and the need
for funding like this in paleontology.  If you can email something on
letterhead, with impressive sounding titles, so much the better.  I
especially hope to hear from all those who have benefited from the monies
dispersed by the Foundation, with a very brief description of how these
grants helped your research and contributed to the body of human knowledge.
I will forward these to the appropriate folks at Universal and Amblin along
with a reasoned plea for continuation of the project.  We get about 100,000
hits per week on the web site, primarily children looking for information
about dinosaurs.  Thousands of teachers are continuing to download and use
the lessons from our educator section.  Your support will be greatly

Joe Iacuzzo
Jurassic Park Institute