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Re: Cladistics for Linux


Mac version: 50 $. Windows: 100 $. Linux: 150 $.
I think those prices aren't quite up to date, though. At this time of the night I'm too lazy to look it up.


Sounds like an alignment program instead...


Does molecular phylogenetic analyses and alignment at the same time. In principle this sounds like a very good idea to me. Early versions, however, never showed those alignments to anyone... the new versions show them, and they are said to be scary beyond belief. Whenever you see that a published analysis was done with POY, run.

* Mesquite

This one doesn't do cladistics. It _uses_ phylogenetic trees. It's an analogue of MacClade (only much better... and much less stable). And without a few additional prerelease modules that currently only exist on five computers and maybe two USB sticks in Paris, it's difficult to use for paleontologists.

I don't know most of the other programs. TNT has got much praise.