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Burpee Conference Abstracts

Dear All,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Holtz and Dr.
Carpenter for presenting at the Burpee Tyrannosaur Symposium as well as
all who attended.  The symposium was a very successful event and I
appreciate all the compliments and advice I have received.  

For those who were unable to attend we still have some left-over
abstract volumes for sale (50 copies, I think).  The volumes have cover
art provided by Mike Skrepnick that was specially designed for the
symposium.  The cover features the "BIG 5", T.rex, Tarbosaurus,
Daspletosaurus, Gorgo and Albertosaurus.  We are selling the remaining
volumes for $11.29 U.S. ($10.00 plus $1.29 S/H.  If anyone is interested
in purchasing a copy please contact the front desk, ask for John or
Holli, at Burpee (Phone# 815-965-3433) and we can get you set up.

Once again thank you all, and remember PaleoFest 06' is fast

Best wishes,
Scott Williams 
Burpee Museum