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Re: Everything you know about the Iren Dabasu age is wrong...

Tim Donovan (uwrk2@yahoo.com) wrote:

<I don't believe it.>

  Not to be rude, but a person's belief is hardly required. If the data points
that way, then one must follow. If the data follows elsewhere, so to must we
follow that. Instead, Donovan has rejected every datum that seems to reject his
own personal views, in many cases without viewing the paper in question, in
which case, Donovan only has Tom's remarks to go on and a caustic remark about
one of the authors. To borrow from Tom Holtz, "wait for the paper" before
making your decisions about the quality of the data.

<AFAIK the Iren Dabasu and the Nemegt have no large dinosaurs in common even
though the distance between the two formations is not very great, and the
Nemegt fauna  seems fairly widespread, not just in Omnogov.>

  The distance can be three miles and still indicate a drastic change in
climate: Entirely disparate ecosystems can occur in shelf marine biozones mere
miles from lagoonal or paralic environments, such as in the Gulf of Mexico or
the Amazon Delta. And since we are not talking the EXACT same stratigraphic
level, the temporal variation, a million years or more or less (or so!) can
result in the same variation we see in Sundance and Bearpaw shore migration
(and that's just NA).

  Now, finally, a plea:

  Must all data fit a preconceived notion? I challenge anyone to put ALL of the
data currently available and explain a single, parsimonious scenario to explain
it all.


Jaime A. Headden

"Innocent, unbiased observation is a myth." --- P.B. Medawar (1969)

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