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Re: Everything you know about the Iren Dabasu age is wrong...

--- "Jaime A. Headden" <qilongia@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Tim Donovan (uwrk2@yahoo.com) wrote:
> <The left coiled gastropods Mesolanistes are known
> from Maastrichtian deposits
> of North America and China as well as the Nemegt. If
> they aren't present at
> Iren Dabasu, it's unlikely to be of Nemegtian age.>
>   This is like arguing that if we find a tyrannosaur
> in one Maastrichtian
> environment, it must be in ALL formations of that
> age without variance. 

 No. If Mesolanistes is found from North America all
the way to southern China (I presume Shuvalov meant
the Maastrichtian Pinging formation)it should be
present between these regions, and it is known from
the Nemegt. If Iren Dabasu were really of Nemegtian
age, Mesolanistes should be present there too(the
paleoenvironments were similar). Tyrannosaurs did
radiate over the same areas, but South America, Europe
etc were apparently inaccessible at the time.

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