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Re: Everything you know about the Iren Dabasu age is wrong...

Do you think the Nemegt formation represents the
lowlands? :) It was pretty dry too, unlike the
lowlands of NA but Mesolanistes still occurs there.

Sure it was drier than the Hell Creek, but less dry than the Djadokhta or Baruungoyot.

  The distance can be three miles and still indicate
a drastic change in climate:

Nemegtian taxa were very wide ranging.

Those that could afford it because their requirements of the environment weren't too narrow.

Tarbosaurus occurs in southern China,

Look where wolves and brown bears occur... and where lions did 15,000 years ago... to me that looks like *Tarbosaurus* was wide-ranging because it was a top predator, not because it occurs in the Nemegt Fm.


Is that a freshwater turtle?

IMHO you like to rely on inductive reasoning. You shouldn't do that.