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Age of the Barun Goyot, Djadoktha and Nemegt Formations

I don't know if this information was ever written up
as a full paper, but it's interesting, nevertheless:


The magnetostratigraphy mentioned in the above
abstract suggests that the Barun Goyot, Djadoktha and
Nemegt Formations are all upper Campanian-Lower
Maastrictian in age, and correlate fairly closely with
the magnetostratigraphy from the Horseshoe Canyon
Formation in Alberta (J.F. Lerbekmo & D.R. Braman,
2002.)  Thus, the faunas of all of the above Mongolian
units appear to be younger than those from the
Dinosaur Park Formation, which is entirely within
Chron 33N, and are older than the Lance/Hell
Creek/Scollard Formations, which fall within Chron 30N
and 29R.

Lerbekmo, J.F. & Braman, D.R. (2002.) 
Magnetostratigraphic and biostratigraphic correlation
of late Campanian and Maastrichtian marine and
continental strata from the Red Deer Valley to the
Cypress Hills, Alberta, Canada.  Canadian Journal of
Earth Sciences, 39: 539-557.

Guy Leahy