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RE: FW: Thoughts on Eotyrannus

Darren Naish wrote:

Note that it's _Fusinasus_, not _Fusinasius_. Not exactly my favourite name - I hope
everyone agrees that _Eotyrannus_ is a tad better :)

Yes, I heard this name a long time ago, and I remember telling Darren that "Fusinasus" sounded like a genus of fungus, and that anything was an improvement on that name (though perhaps not "Kittysaurus", which is even worse).

A novel analysis found a more or less standard
tyrannosauroid tree BUT with _Tanycolagreus_ as the most
basal tyrannosauroid,

Hmmm... now, isn't there another named small-bodied tyrannosaur from the Morrison, known from material that does not currently overlap that of _Tanycolagreus_; and wasn't some material now referred to _Tanycolagreus_ originally referred to this (other) tyrannosaur taxon...? (Sorry for the circumspection, but I don't want to raise anyone's ire by suggesting that *maybe* two Morrison coelurosaur taxa might be synonymous. ;-) )