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Re: Age of the Barun Goyot, Djadoktha and Nemegt Formations

This is years old. I spoke to Hicks about it quite a
while ago and he said in effect that with regard to
the Djadokhta results they had to go back to the
drawing board.

> The magnetostratigraphy mentioned in the above
> abstract suggests that the Barun Goyot, Djadoktha
> and
> Nemegt Formations are all upper Campanian-Lower
> Maastrictian in age,

  This makes no sense; they couldn't be
contemporaneous. The Nemegt overlies the Barun Goyot
which overlies the Djadokhta. Radiometric dating
indicates the latter is c 75 Ma or a little younger.
The Barun Goyot is probably latest Campanian-basal
Maastrichtian in age and the Nemegt late early-mid

 and correlate fairly closely
> with
> the magnetostratigraphy from the Horseshoe Canyon
> Formation in Alberta (J.F. Lerbekmo & D.R. Braman,
> 2002.) 

 The Djadokhta is only coeval with the lowest part of
the Horseshoe Canyon, and the Nemegt only the upper

 Thus, the faunas of all of the above
> Mongolian
> units appear to be younger than those from the
> Dinosaur Park Formation, which is entirely within
> Chron 33N, and are older than the Lance/Hell
> Creek/Scollard Formations, which fall within Chron
> 30N
> and 29R.

 It is conceivable that the nogoontsavsvita falls
within 30R.

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