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Tyrannosaur stuff

Ken Carpenter wrote:

It may very well be that Tany was previously named, so offer your evidence.

Currently there is no evidence - I got nuttin'. There is no reason to believe that there was not more than one Morrison tyrannosauroid: Tany and Stokesy. In fact, there may have been several tyrannosauroids scooting around North America during the Late Jurassic, especially if (a) the tyrannosaurid/itemirid-like braincase from CLDQ that was (provisionally) referred to _Stokesosaurus_ represents a new taxon; and/or (b) the _Stokesosaurus_-like ilium from South Dakota comes from another taxon (maybe _Aviatyrannis_). I was just reiterating the possibility that _Tanycolagreus_ and _Stokesosaurus_ *might* be the same (which, incidentally, would give a very decent skeleton); I was in no way endorsing the suggestion.

Personal opinion (contrary to what Bakker may think) is not scientific fact. ;-)

What??!! Now you tell me!!!

Tom Holtz wrote:

Tracy Ford wrapped things up with a review of the tyrannosauroid record through time. While I don't agree with all his taxonomy or systematics (i.e., the inclusion of Iliosuchus or Siamotyrannus in Tyrannosauroidea), he did show that tyrants spent most of their
history as small-bodied critters.

This is interesting, given that there is currently no evidence that the small-bodied tyrannosauroids survived into the Late Cretaceous (unless _Itemirus_ is a tyrannosauroid - and even this critter lived much earlier than the big-ass tyrannosaurids of the Campano-Maastrichtian). Late Cretaceous dromaeosaurs, by contrast, came in all sizes.