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Re: Overview of the Dinosaur Park Symposium

Dear Jordan and List,

    Young man, you have just perked my interest. What massive new trike like
skull? Is there any place or one that has a photo that they'd be willing to
share? I would really like to see this critter. This is the third new genus
of large ceratopsian that has come forth   in the last two years. ( AFAIK,
the papers have been completed on the first two, and are awaiting
publication )
    I thought that after I finished the 12th and last large ceratopsian in
my sculpture series, that I would get a break, but no.

Just when I thought I was out, they keep pulling me back in Cliff

> Eberth showed us a massive new Triceratops-like skull that just came
> out of the topmost strata of the Horseshoe Canyon Fm (yeah, that's
> right).  I think Dave mentioned it was found by Barnum Brown the same
> year he discovered the Albertosaurus bonebed, but thought it would be
> best left for scrap.  In any case, this looks to be a pretty amazing
> animal, and ought to help shed some light on the evolution of
> Triceratops+Diceratops+Torosaurus.