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Re: Overview of the Dinosaur Park Symposium

On 9/26/05, Cliff Green <dinonaut@emerytelcom.net> wrote:
> Dear Jordan and List,
>    Young man, you have just perked my interest. What massive new trike like
> skull? Is there any place or one that has a photo that they'd be willing to
> share? I would really like to see this critter.

No other place that I know of, besides the prep room of the Tyrrell. 
This thing is still very much in the early stages of study and prep,
to my knowledge.

>This is the third new genus
> of large ceratopsian that has come forth   in the last two years.

Kind of weird the way this is all working out, eh?  All sorts of new
ceratopsids, hadrosaurids, and theropods coming out of Alberta now. 
And just when you thought you knew everything there was to know about
Albertan dinosaurs...

Jordan Mallon

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Vertebrate Palaeontology & Palaeoecology

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