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Tyrannosaurs and Nannopterygius - unusual combination?

As intriguing as that subject line may be, I'm afraid this message is rather 
With the discussions of whether basal tyrannosauroids survived into the Late 
Cretaceous, I am wondering if anyone recalls reports of a 'Bagaraatan - like' 
theropod from Romania. I cannot give a reference, but I don't believe anything 
of that nature has been published anyway. 
As for Itemirus, at SVP 2004, Hans-Dieter Sues gave a presentation on new 
fossil discoveries at Dzarakuduk in Uzbekistan. Among the discoveries were 
further braincases referrable to that genus, as well as postcranial remains 
that showed it to be a large dromaeosaur. There is material, a maxilla I 
believe, from the same formation that does belong to a tyrannosauroid.
Finally, I realize that this is drastically off of the subject, but I am 
wondering if anyone has photographs or drawings, or knows where to find some, 
of the skeleton of the unusual ichthyosaur Nannopterygius from the Kimmeridge 

Andrew McDonald
Geology Undergraduate
University of Nebraska