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RE: Tyrannosaurs and Nannopterygius - unusual combination?

Andrew McDonald wrote-

With the discussions of whether basal tyrannosauroids survived into the Late
Cretaceous, I am wondering if anyone recalls reports of a 'Bagaraatan - like'
theropod from Romania. I cannot give a reference, but I don't believe anything
of that nature has been published anyway.

Csiki and Grigorescu (1998) thought Bagaraatan resembled several Romanian theropods, including Heptasteornis (now placed in Alvarezsauridae), the less diagnostic maniraptoriform Bradycneme, the paravian Elopteryx, and an unnamed distal femur (FGGUB R.351) that was tentatively assigned to Abelisauridae. The latter should be reexamined in light of recent abelisaur discoveries and Xinjiangovenator.

Csiki and Grigorescu, 1998. Small Theropods from the Late Cretaceous of the Hateg Basin (Western Romania) - an unexpected diversity at the top of the food chain. Oryctos, vol. 1 : 87-104.

Mickey Mortimer