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RE: Tyrannosaur stuff

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> Guy Leahy
> Another interesting question in regards to this topic
> is how long it took tyrannosauroids to become
> "big-ass" after the end-Cenomanian extinction of
> carcharodontosaurids/spinosaurids. Did the early Late
> Cretaceous faunas (Turonian-Coniacian) in NA, for
> example, contain any "big-ass" predators, and if so,
> were they tyrannosauroids?? Perhaps there were some
> "big-ass" Turonian dromaeosaurs?  :-)
Indeed, we would be VERY VERY interested in knowning more about the 
post-Albian, pre-Campanian faunas of western North America.
Sadly, they are very very poorly sampled at present.

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