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RE: Sneak Peak at Yale Torosaurus Sculpture

Well. . .maybe ceratopsids didn't have cheeks? I was initially resistant to
this when Witmer first presented the idea, but then I started looking a
little more closely on some real specimens. In most ceratopsid skulls, the
anastomosing neurovascular impressions lead right up to the tooth row. I've
observed this on both the dentary and the maxilla in multiple specimens of
multiple taxa, and this suggests to me that maybe a tight covering of
*something* extended right up to the teeth.

Of course, I totally think Toro (and most other ceratopsids) would look
better with some nice cheeks, but the evidence just doesn't support it in
this group. Maybe a flap of skin at best? Who knows. . .

During the building of the sculpture, a few anonymous ceratopsid workers at
U of Utah and Stony Brook, and some characters from Yale, were asked about
the cheek issue. None of them (at least in my recall of events) were really
that strongly in favor of cheeks. And hey, what's wrong with shaking things
up a little bit?

Andrew A. Farke, Graduate Student
Department of Anatomical Sciences
Stony Brook University
T8 040 Health Sciences Center
Stony Brook, NY  11794-8081

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> No trace of cheeks! Unconvincing.