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RE: Re[2]: "Baby"ramus (was RE: Tyrannosaur stuff)

You miss understood. There is ANOTHER complete (not partial as the
holotype) skull of Alioramus in the hands of a private individual.

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Subject: Re[2]: "Baby"ramus (was RE: Tyrannosaur stuff)

Kenneth Carpenter wrote:

> Actually, there is a very large (almost 1 m long), probably adult,
> Alioramus in the hands of a private collector. A few of the cervicals
> are attached and the last chopped through. It is a tragic loss to know
> that more of the skeleton was present but left by head-hunters. 

   I do not think that it hands at the private collection. I saw 
Alioramus cervicals at the PIN collection. Some cervicals are attached 
to holotype.