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Re: Sneak Peak at Yale Torosaurus Sculpture

Cliff Green wrote-

The second thing that bugs me, is that the two smallest frount toes have
nails. My understanding, is that no archeosaurs have nails on the last two
phalanges of the front feet. Please feel free to correct me if anyone on the
list knows something I don't, but I was severely reemed when I made this
same mistake years ago on one of my earlier pieces.

Apparently Heterodontosaurus (Norman et al., 2004), Orodromeus (Scheetz, 1999), hadrosaurids (Horner et al., 2004), and perhaps Avaceratops (Penkalski and Dodson, 1999) have unguals on manual digit IV. Hadrosaurids are also claimed to have them on digit V.

Mickey Mortimer