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RE: Sneak Peak at Yale Torosaurus Sculpture

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> Subject: RE: Sneak Peak at Yale Torosaurus Sculpture
> The whole cheek debate is so fun! It shows the limitations of the
> phyletic bracketing to explain novel structures in dinosaurs (like
> Stegosaurus tail spikes, like cranial frills in ceratopsians, etc.).

Certainly a fun debate. . .and it illustrates (at least in the case of
ankylosaurs) how real fossil evidence is needed to support many of these

> Cheek plates are known for several ankylosaurs and the maxilla and
> dentary surface textures look just like in ceratopsians and most other
> ornithischians.  

Interesting about the ankylosaurs. I'll have to take a look at some of those
skulls next time I'm at the AMNH. This would definitely counter my argument
based on bone texture on ceratopsian maxillae and dentaries.

> wonder why only Greg Paul has pointed out that the
> California condor has cheeks?)

Does anyone know a citation for this? If I (or anyone else) cite it in the
future, it'd be nice to give credit where credit is due. Wonder what the
condor skull looks like. . .