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Re: Not dinosaurs, but damn cool!

There's a summary of giant squid palaeontology at


>From what I can gather from a quick read, _Architeuthis_ seems to be not at all related to the other forms of large squid known from Cretaceous fossils. The diagram showing phylogeny and stratigraphy suggests that there is a whack of ghost lineage with this animal (but what else would we expect from this thing?).

The site also has some info on _Architeuthis_ neontology.


T. Michael Keesey wrote:

On 9/28/05, Aidan Karley <aidan_karley@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

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Thomas R. Holtz wrote:

Giant squid photographed while alive in the wild!

Ichthyosaur-eye view.

Brings up a good question: how far back do _Architeuthis_ and related genera go?

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