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Re: Age of the Barun Goyot, Djadoktha and Nemegt Formations

But maybe I can counter Donovan's statement above by saying that someone else
thinks that the two *Saurolophus* species are different genera? Researcher vs.
researcher, who will win!? (While I'd bank on Norman for his credentials, I and
others will note he tends to be a lumper and has dismissed variation in
geographic areas due to individual variation,

Several ornithopod species that have been "lumped" in the same genus are currently in the process of being de-lumped (or should that be un-lumped?).

alumped? an(a)lumped?

advanced ceratopsids. The validity of genera often lies in the eye of the beholder,

and the era in which they were named, yes? (ie, Marsh and Cope)