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Re: Feathered Ornitholestes?

Since _Ornitholestes_ seems to occupy a phylogenetic position close
that of compsognathids, including _Sinosauropteryx prima_, feathery
integument seems most likely. _S. prima_ is the best model to use for
now. (And perhaps _Dilong paradoxus_ is the second-best model.)

So far, remiges and rectrices seem to be limited to _Maniraptora_
sensu Sereno, though.<<<

But in Dilong, at least, the dermal structures appear to be branching, so perhaps a greater degree of elongated tufted structures on the arms and/or tail are appropriate. Certainly Ornitholestes appears to be too advanced to be primitively scaled, so without direct evidence I'd go with "dino-fuzz", possible with some elongated branching structures in places (but not morphologically modern feathers).

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