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Re: "Oxygen Helped Mammals Grow, Study Finds"

In article <20050930103124.D327D44574@localhost.localdomain>, Mike 
Taylor wrote:
> Yes, but can they reporoduce at this altitude?
> Gotta get some funding for _that_ experiment ...
       Volun <GASP> teer <gasp> ed
       Actually ... Wife, polythene bag ... Maybe not. Wife, cushions, 
packing case, corner of bed ... Bolt through bed corner to flat 
upstairs, Z-rigged rope ...
       No. This question is definitely One Step Beyond.
       (But I did get to assign my Best Man's quine to Eucritta 
melanolimnion before she got coffee #1 to work. Adequately.)
 Aidan Karley,
 Aberdeen, Scotland,
 Location: 57°10' N,  02°09'  W (sub-tropical Aberdeen), 0.021233
 Written at Fri, 30 Sep 2005 21:37 +0100

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