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Yuanmousaurus, Sonidosaurus &Dapingfangornis was Re: Some Asian papers

Yuanmousaurus jiangyiensis
Yuanmousaurus jiangyiensis gen. et sp. nov. is erected based on an incomplete 
skeleton. It is
characterized by more complex structures of the neural arches in the dorsal 
vertebrae than those
in Omeisaurus, but less complex than those of Euhelopus; the dorsal vertebra 
bears 9 laminae,
forming three cavities on the lateral surface of the neural arch; the dorsal 
vertebral neural
spines with dorsoventrally-oriented cavities are similar to those of Omeisaurus 
and Patagosaurus.
Yuanmousaurus is more primitive tha...

Sonidosaurus saihangaobiensis
A specimen collected from the Upper Cretaceous Erlian Formation of Nei Mongol 
(Inner Mongolia),
China, represents a new genus and species of titanosaurian sauropod. The new 
taxon is named and
described on the basis of the holotype and the only known specimen, which 
comprises several
dorsal, sacral, and caudal vertebrae, several dorsal ribs, one anterior 
chevron, and much of the
pelvis. Diagnostic features of the new species include a thick ridge extending 
down from the
postzygapophysis on the lateral surfac...

Dapingfangornis sentisorhinus
Enantionithine birds are the most blooming branch of early birds and have 
distinct diversities. A
large number of enantionithine birds have been reported from the Early 
Cretaceous Jiufotang
Formation in western Liaoning, China. Recently, we discovered a new 
eoenantiornithid bird from the
Jiufotang Formation in Dapingfang Town, western Liaoning. A new 
eoenantiornithid bird,
Dapingfangornis sentisorhinus gen. et sp. nov., is erected based on this 
complete skeleton with a
skull. The new bird is distinguished f...

--- fam jansma <fam.jansma@tiscali.nl> wrote:

> Hey all!
> Could anyone please give me some additional information regarding the
> content of the following three papers that are listed on the Dino Pantheon
> website:
> ??
> New Eusauropod Dinosaur from Yuanmou of Yunnan Province, China:
> Describes Yuanmousaurus jiangyiensis gen. et sp. nov.??
> A New Titanosaurian Sauropod from Late Cretaceous of Nei Mongol, China:
> Describes Sonidosaurus saihangaobiensis gen. et sp. nov.
> New Eoenantiornithid Bird from the Early Cretaceous Jiufotang Formation of
> Western Liaoning, China:
> Describes Dapingfangornis sentisorhinus gen. et sp. nov.
> They are published, as far as I've seen listed on Dinoforum, in Acta
> Geologica Sinica.
> PDF's are welcome too ;-)
> Best,
> Rutger

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