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Re: Jurassic Park at the Cook Ranch

Dear Dan and List,

    This is a wonderful story. We had a similar situation here in Utah, with
the Saint George tracksite. The land owners would have made many millions of
dollars if they had decided to sell the property to developers, but chose to
donate it as they put it, " for the future generations".
    Hearing of this rancher's generosity up in Wyoming, renews my faith in
our species ability for greatness.Oh, and does this dig site have a webpage?


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> >From The Washington Post:
> <<  Jurassic Park
> By Guy Gugliotta
> Allen Cook wanted to do right by  his land. It's a good thing -- since his
> Wyoming ranch contains recently  discovered dinosaur beds in rare pristine
> condition.
> To view the entire  article, go to
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