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Re: Arambourgiania citation

Mike Hanson wrote:

What is the citation for the paper in which the genus _Arambourgiania_ was
first published as a replacement for the preoccupied _Titanopteryx_? I
have seen three different citations floating around, one that I have a
copy of does not contain any mention of this name, and I have some doubts
on the existence

I've searched far and wide for a valid reference for Nessov & Borkin '89, cited at a number of online resources, but to no avail. (In fact, it's been on my to-do list to write you about it.) Several subsequent papers on _Arambourgiania_ (http://www.pterosaur.co.uk/species/UCP/Azhd/Arambourg-philadelphia.htm), but unfortunately I've not gotten my hands on any of them. Have always wondered whether they contain a reference or clues.

If a paper does indeed exist and you ultimately track it down, I'd very much appreciate a heads-up. (Of course I'd do likewise.)


Rob Taylor
The Dinosaur & Pterosaur Database