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Basically, we can get that B. brancia was in the 30-35 ton range. Although nothing to the old 78-tonne estimates, it's still about 5-6 EEUs. This just shows that we can't trust anyone. This is a link from Gillete's book. Read through it. Laugh a bit. Ridicule it.

Here it is:


I think this book would be written in the early 90's, but even by then most of the more accurate estimates had been done. Seriously, take Gillete and the dsicoverers of Bruhathkayosaurus (forget their names, too tough too spell, lol), then you realize that the actual professionals aren't too professional. One of them gave estimates 55% to large, and the other actually didn't know what kind of creature they were looking at. Go's to show that you REALLY can't trust anyone. But then again, Mike was pretty clear on that.


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