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Re: Arambourgiania citation

Looks like the message I sent from home was truncated over the Dino Listserver. Here is what I tired to pass on, and it's completely different from what Jerry H. sent out this morning ...

The taxon _Arambourgiania_ was used by Nessov & Jarkov (1989) to replace _Titanopteryx_ according to Martill et al. (1998). Maybe your Nessov & Borkin (1989) should really by Nessov & Jarkov (1989). References below:

Nessov, L.A. & Jarkov, A.A., 1989. New Cretaceous-Paleogene birds of the USSR and some remarks on the origin and evolution of the class Aves. Proc. Zoological Inst., Leningrad, USSR Acad. Sci., v. 197, p. 78-97. (in Russian).

Martill, D.M., Frey, E., Sadaqah, R.M., & Khoury, H.N., 1998. Discovery of the holotype of _Titanopteryx philadelphiae Arambourg 1959, and the status of _Arambourgiania_ and _Quetzalcoatlus_. N. Jb. Geol. Palaont. Abh., v. 207(1), p. 57-76.

Another paper you might want to look at if you haven't already is:

Frey, E. & Martill, D.M., 1996. A reappraisal of _Arambourgiania_ (Pterosauria, Pterodactyloidea): one of the world's largest flying animals. N. Jb. Geol. Palaont. Abh., v. 199, p. 221-247.

Hope this might help.

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>What is the citation for the paper in which the genus _Arambourgiania_ >was
first published as a replacement for the preoccupied _Titanopteryx_? I have
seen three different citations floating around, one that I have a copy of
does not contain any mention of this name, and I have some doubts on the

The correct citation (which I don't have and so can't verify directly) seems to be:

Nessov, L.A., Kanznyshkina, L.F., and Cherepanov, G.O. 1987. Dinosaurs, crocodiles and other archosaurs from the Late mesozoic of central Asia and their place in ecosystems. Abstracts of the 33rd session of the All-Union Palaeontological Society, Leningrad, pp. 46-47. [In Russian].

This is what is cited in:

Martill, D. M., E. Frey, R. M. Sadaqah, and H. N. Khoury. 1998. Discovery of the holotype of the giant pterosaur Titanopteryx philadelphiae Arambourg 1959, and the status of Arambourgiania and Quetzalcoatlus. Neues Jahrbuch fÃr Geologie unde PalÃontologie Abhandlungen 207:57-78.

However, Nessov himself (ref. #13), in:

Nessov, L. A. 1991. Gigantic pterosaurs of the family Azhdarchidae. I. Morphology and taxonomy. Bulletin of Leningrad University, Series 7, Geology and Geography 2:13-23.

...cites something in Russian that I can't read -- may or may not be the same thing; it's got the same year, and three authors, but the initials & several letters in the names don't match; no page numbers are given, and the journal name appears to be abbreviated:


Thus, I'm not certain what this latter paper is, but if anyone knows and/or has a copy, please let me know!

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