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Re: Precision, Ultra-, Super-, Seismo- and the like

As I recall, a new specimen of Supersaurus was recently found in Wyoming, and about 60% of it has been excavated so far, including most of the neck. Scott Hartman's Skeletal Drawing page has some good information on this. In any case, I find it odd that this specimen hasn't been mentioned yet. What's been found actually suggests that Supersaurus is an apatosaurine rather than a diplodocine at this point, so I don't really see much of a basis for assigning it to Barosaurus or Diplodocus at this point, given that we probably have about 65-70% of its skeleton at this point when both the Wyoming specimen (also known as "Jimbo") and the holotype are taken into account.

This discovery also would seem to place *Supersaurus vivianae* ahead of *Diplodocus carnegii* as the longest dinosaur known from relatively complete remains.