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Re: Arambourgiania citation

Kaznyshkina, AFAIK. (Not that anyone googles for her and...)

Just typing in what was in the citation...

Neues Jahrbuch
fÃr Geologie unde PalÃontologie Abhandlungen 207:57-78.

Congratulations for getting all the dots right, but it's just "und".

...except that one, which was a typo in my database. No offense intended -- I really do know how to spell "und!"

ÐÐÐ. ÐÐÐÐ. ÐÑÑÐ. 1987. No. 4.

I'd wondered whether or not this was going to come through the list as gibberish (if it wasn't going to end up as one of those star-studded rejection messages), and I apologize to anyone who only saw gibberish! I typed it in Russian using the Cyrillic characters as part of the Times New Roman font via the Character Map utility that is part of Windows (took a while, too!). But I'm glad it came through for at least some people...

In an English-looking transcription that would be...

Hesov L. A., Shabanina, N. V., Utsovn[i]chenko, N. I. [New sites and ?? of
formation of ?? phosphorites], Uzb. geol. zhurn.

Tomorrow I'll bring my dictionary to look up the two unknown words in the
title. "Uzb." is probably "Uzbek", so "Uzbek geological journal".

Yay! It is indeed -- it is "Uzbekskii Geologicheskii Zhurnal," and as it turns out, a library not far from me actually seems to have this. I won't be headed that way for at least a few weeks, but if I get this paper, and it looks like the right one for the _Arambourgiania_ citation, I'll let the list know.

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