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RE: Precision, Ultra-, Super-, Seismo- and the like

David Marjanovic wrote:

> _Supersaurus_ won because although the two names were raised in the
> same paper (Jensen 1985), it was the first of the two to be named.

No, it won because the first revisor chose it so. Contrary to popular myth, page and line priority do not exist; the two names were published at the very same time.

Page or line priority ("position precedence") does have some foundation in fact. Although the latest ICZN Code (2000) lets the First Revisor decide, I understand that the previous Code (1985) recommended position precedence in the event of synonymization (Recommendation 24A). Since 1985-2000 covers the period in which _Ultrasaurus_/_Ultrasauros_ was sunk into _Supersaurus_ (Curtice et al., 1996), Mike is technically correct.

The latest Code only lists position precedence as a recommended criterion for nominating type species when none were designated in the original publication (Recommendation 69A.10). It doesn't apply to subjective synonyms.



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