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Re: Dinosaur List 2006

Jay <sappororaptor@yahoo.com> wrote:

Isn't Garudimimus mongoliensis still nomen nudum (it wasn't presented as a new name in this paper, the authors maintained quotation marks around the name to indicate is unofficial status).,

Good question. I don't know. I had assumed that _Gallimimus mongoliensis_ was valid, but I haven't actually read Kobayashi and Barsbold (2006). I'll treat it as a nomen nudum (and remove it from the list) until I find out for sure.

Kobayashi, Y. and Barsbold, R. (2006). Ornithomimids from the Nemegt Formation of Mongolia. J. Paleont. Soc. Korea 22: 195-207.

These nomina nuda are a real nuisance. I'm not blaming Kobayashi and Barsbold, since the name had been floating around for a long time.



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