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Re: Tetanurae

Mickey wrote: "I'd say Dandakosaurus, "Saltriosaurus", "Walkersaurus", Cryolophosaurus and Magnosaurus."

I wouldn't use Crylophosaurus; theer have been a few good presentations (hopefully papers will be in press soon) on the material, but it doesn't look tetanuran to me.

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David Marjanovic wrote-Â
Please help me -- I need to know whether we need to redo lots of
>calculations for a paper. Is there any certain tetanuran older than
Normally I'd go to Mickey M's homepage to check that out, but the "requested resource does not exist on this server".Â
It's moved slightly-Â
I have an updated version that's not quite ready for uploading.Â
I'd say Dandakosaurus, "Saltriosaurus", "Walkersaurus", Cryolophosaurus and Magnosaurus.Â
Mickey MortimerÂ

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