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On 12/7/06, Jamie Stearns <stearns5@cox.net> wrote:
As for the relationship between Ceratosaurus, coelophysoids, abelisauroids,
and tetanurans, I would say that while coelophysoids are probably a
paraphyletic group

_Coelophysoidea_ is defined as everything sharing more recent ancestry with _Coelophysis bauri_ than with _Ceratosaurus nasicornis_. Therefore, it cannot possibly be paraphyletic. Worst it could be is empty, if _C. bauri_ were ancestral to _C. nasicornis_.

What you probably mean is that animals curently considered
coelophysoid may in fact be something else (outside _Coelophysoidea_ +
_Neotheropoda_, closer to _Neotheropoda_ than to _Coelophysoidea_,
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