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Re: Tetanurae

On 12/7/06, Tim Williams <twilliams_alpha@hotmail.com> wrote:

Paul's (1988) classification of theropods was not cladistic.  But if, for
example, a cladistic analysis does recover abelisauroids as the sister taxon
to carcharodontosaurids (as has come up), then Tetanurae would certainly
contract (and would probably be equivalent in content to Neotetanurae!).

Well, Sereno's definition of Neotetanurae is Allosaurus + Carcharodontosaurus + Sinraptor + Passer, so if Abelisauroidea and Carcharodontosauridae are sisters, he'd end up with Tetanurae as a subclade of Neotetanurae!

Andreas Johansson

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