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Re: Tetanurae

Mickey wrote:
>Is a (Ceratosaurus(Abelisaurus,Ornithomimus)) topology really likely enough
>to validate using an abelisaurid external specifier for Tetanurae? I don't
>believe it's occurred in any published analysis.

It has (well almost, Abelisaurus wasn't used but Carnotaurus and Majunatholus 
were). Cathy Forster found (Ceratosaurus (Torvosaurus (Carnotaurinae, 
Neotetanurae) in her 1999 paper in Journal of African Earth Science (vol. 28, 
169-185). Analysis was based on 99 characters, so I would suggest that low 
character sampling is to blame, but nonetheless it is published and it is an 
explicit numerical analysis.


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