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Re: Nomenclatural quibble - Latin

Yes, but it doesn't matter in the big scheme of things, because
improper latinization is not grounds for an emendation at the species

From the ICZN website:

"32.5.1. If there is in the original publication itself, without recourse to any external source of information, clear evidence of an inadvertent error, such as a lapsus calami or a copyist's or printer's error, it must be corrected. Incorrect transliteration or latinization, or use of an inappropriate connecting vowel, are not to be considered inadvertent errors. ... Examples. If an author in proposing a new species-group name were to state that he or she was naming the species after Linnaeus, yet the name was published as ninnaei, it would be an incorrect original spelling to be corrected to linnaei. Enygmophyllum is not an incorrect original spelling (for example of Enigmatophyllum) solely on the grounds that it was incorrectly transliterated or latinized."

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On 12/6/06, David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at> wrote:
> As it's in honour of a family with members
> of at least two sexes, shouldn't that be /A. halleyorum/?


(To be precise: it's because the family has at least two members, of which at 
least one is not female.)
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