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RE: Tetanurae

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.  wrote:

There is only the most minor "stability of content" issue here (i.e., a group barely known at the time Tetanurae was coined).

True. _Abelisaurus_ and _Carnotaurus_ were both described in 1985, a year before Gauthier coined Tetanurae. The other abelisaurids known at the time were all poorly known and misclassified: _Indosuchus_ & _Indosaurus_ (carnosaurs), _Majungatholus_ (pachycephalosaur!), and so on. Since c.1990, abelisaurids have almost always been recognized as ceratosaurs (or ceratosauroids), and never as tetanurans. Ditto for noasaurids. I know none of this is news to anyone, least of all Tom; but I think the above trip down memory lane is an argument in favor of "stability of content".

I'm guessing this will all be moot, given that the support for a _Ceratosaurus_+Abelisauroidea clade is robust.



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