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Re: Tetanurae

Andreas Johansson writes:
 > Presumably to prevent just that, Sereno's Taxon Search gives this
 > definition of Tetanurae:
 > The most inclusive clade containing Passer domesticus (Linnaeus 1758)
 > but not Ceratosaurus nasicornis Marsh 1884, Carnotaurus sastrei
 > Bonaparte 1985.

Oh, has he gone ahead and renamed it "Sereno's Taxon Search" now?
That's good, a bit of Truth In Advertising there :-)

I did find one nasty bug in the TaxonSearch database, though: the
definitonal author of Baryonychinae is listed as Holtz et al. 2004
rather than Sereno 2005.

(Yes, this is a joke.  Laugh.  And if anyone doubts that it's based on
reality, go to http://www.taxonsearch.org/dev/taxon_search.php and
search for Taxon "a", which gets 761 hits.  Then scan down the
Definitonal Author column.)

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