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Re: Nomenclatural quibble - Latin

> Yes, but it doesn't matter in the big scheme of things, because
> improper latinization is not grounds for an emendation at the species
> level.

I'd still say it violates Articles 31.1.2 and 31.1.3; it's not improper 
latinization, it's improper Latin.

The difference is that it's not a memory error about a word and/or 
transliteration mistake (like the first y of the "Enygmophyllum" example, or 
the real name *Crocodylus*, which is a mistake for Latin crocodilus, which in 
turn comes from Greek krokodeilos), an arguable transliteration and/or 
latinization (the e of "Enygmophyllum" and "Enigmatophyllum", which is ai in 
Greek [alpha iota], which in turn usually becomes ae in Latin), or even a 
failure to find the stem of a word of an inflecting language (the lack of -at- 
in the "Enygmophyllum" example -- while "enigma" looks like it could be an 
ordinary Latin feminine a-declension word, it's one of those Greek neuter words 
in -ma, the stem of which ends in -mat- -- ainigma, plural ainigmata, genetive 
singular probably ainigmatos [didn't bother checking], and so on). Instead it 
is a big mistake in the grammar of... not just Latin. Even English still 
distinguishes the genetive singular -- "'s" -- from the genetive plural -- "s'" 
- in

Article 31.1.3 says, emphasis mine: "The original spelling of a name FORMED 
UNDER ARTICLES 31.1.1 AND 31.1.2 is to be preserved [...]". So, clearly, if the 
original spelling of a name is not formed in accordance with those articles, it 
is not to be preserved, right?

Interestingly, BTW, Article 31.1.1 protects the ending of *Stygivenator 
molnaris* ("Molnar" was treated as Latin and declined like "Caesar"). I managed 
to overlook that for years. But that name is a synonym of *Tyrannosaurus rex* 
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