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Re: Arizona T-rex Museum Questions

I don't have any answers to Guy's questions. My biggest concern is that if
they make so many simple spelling errors on the website, how many errors
are in the displays - spelling or otherwise?

Geoff Habiger
Artemesia Publishing
Author of Dinosaur Learning Activity Book

> To all,
> http://www.trexmuseum.org/
> Once there, scroll down on the left to "Virtual Tour"
> There are several photos on the Tour, a couple of
> which I have questions about.
> One pic is of "real fossil tyrannosaur eggs." Have
> eggs known to be tyrannosaurs been found???
> Another pic is of "a one month old T. rex baby."
> Again, has such a fossil been discovered?
> One more:  "cast reconstuction of T. rex found by
> museum."  I don't recognize this specimen... does
> anyone else??
> Happy Holidays,
> Guy Leahy