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Re: Arizona T-rex Museum Questions

I may be wrong, but here's my shot at the answers.

> One pic is of "real fossil tyrannosaur eggs." Have
> eggs known to be tyrannosaurs been found???

Eggshell material from the Hell Creek is already very rare, let alone whole eggs. There have never been any eggs found that are definitively T-rex. The eggs do look rather theropod-ish though.

> Another pic is of "a one month old T. rex baby."
> Again, has such a fossil been discovered?

Nope again. And based on allometry, I don't believe that's what the skull should even look like. I think they just shrunk down a skull and called it a baby.

> One more:  "cast reconstuction of T. rex found by
> museum."  I don't recognize this specimen... does
> anyone else??

They do call it a cast, so my guess is that they took a skull cast and built some fake rock around it and hung it on the wall. None of it looks even remotely correct, so they probably didn't have any photos, let alone a real specimen to go off of.

Looking at the rest of the pictures, "Rexie" appears to be in a kanga-rex posture, and the mural in the background is far from correct.