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Jurassic 'shrimp' alive and well

Jurassic 'shrimp' alive and well
Alister Doyle - Reuters

A Jurassic 'shrimp' thought extinct 50 million years ago has been found in Australian waters, a census of marine life shows.

Neoglyphea neocaledonica, found on an underwater peak in the Coral Sea, is the oldest marine organism listed in the 2006 Census of Marine Life, a global effort involving 70 nations.

The census, which is due for completion in 2010, also found marine creatures thriving by a record hot volcanic vent in the Atlantic and in dark waters under thick Antarctic ice...

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Don't ask me how a 50 million-year-old species can be considered 'Jurassic' though - unless it existed for 100 million years before it's 'greatly exaggerated' extinction.


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