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Re: Pterosaur size (Was: Great in the air, not so good underwater)

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Subject: Re: Pterosaur size (Was: Great in the air, not so good underwater)

PS-- How big would a ptero or bird have to be to elicit a "OK, these guy's had to have had some help, because there is just no way in standard atmosphere..."? Actually a serious question.

For an azdarchoid type morphology, looking at the differences between Qsp and Qn (which have no obvious indications that they might be different species -- differences in the presently known materials seem to be just for supporting the differences in size -- I wish more Qn materials were available). I'd qualitatively say there's probably room for Qn to continue to morph to support a wingspan on the loose order of 13 meters in any atmosphere with a density within 10-15% of the current atmosphere. I'd expect the mass to rise with maybe the 2.7 or 2.8 power of the span, so I'd expect a 13 meter mass on the very loose order of 230-240 Kg, give or take maybe 30%. A standing start, no-wind takeoff would not be difficult nor particularly stressful for an 11 meter Quetz in today's atmosphere. I'd look askance at any estimate of span greater than that without personally examining the new remains to get a handle on how they done it. Because of the more gracile differences in ornithocheirid shoulder and humerus morphology, I would not expect them to approach this span or weight.