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Re: Tsaagan mangas - new dromaeosaurid from Mongolia

Jamie Stearns wrote:

I'm just as much for being "multicultural" or whatever as anyone else, but I think this critter's reached the "name is too goofy for its own good" point. It just seems that the traditional foundation of using Greek and Latin for scientific naming is being virtually tossed out the window with the new dinosaur discoveries from far-off lands. Just an observation of mine that I've had for a while...

I'm inclined to disagree. I like these non-classical names borrowed from the local culture. Why should our long-dead toga-wearing friends have a monopoly on providing names for new genera and species? :-)

For example, I enjoy the way many Australian taxa (living and fossil) are receiving Aboriginal names, like _Kakuru_, _Yurlunggur_ and _Ningaui_. They beat hands-down those dusty old names like _Rhoetosaurus_, _Palorchestes_ and _Hypsiprymnodon_. Turning to Mongolia, I think _Tsaagan_, _Khaan_, _Citipati_, _Shuvuuia_ &c are all terrific monikers. Nothing against _Velociraptor_ and _Oviraptor_ and so forth; but it's good to see some linguistic diversity, IMHO.



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