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Re: Tsaagan mangas - new dromaeosaurid from Mongolia

On 12/11/06, Jamie Stearns <stearns5@cox.net> wrote:
I'm just as much for being "multicultural" or whatever as anyone else, but I
think this critter's reached the "name is too goofy for its own good" point.

I don't see how it's goofy, unless you think the Mongolian language is goofy. (Personally, I find Dutch much more amusing, but that's just me.) _Irritator_ is what I would call a goofy name. (And also one of my favorite dinosaur names.)

Besides, it's descriptive of the animal. Beats "place-name-a-saurus"
in my book. (Although you could make a good defense of
"place-name-a-saurus" names by pointing out that they never turn out
to be inaccurate--unless the animal turns out not to be reptilian, of
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