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More on Tsaagan: phylogenetic position

In the Tsaagan description, they authors present the latest version of the 
Theropod Working Group matrix. Their strict consensus
finds a Dromaeosauridae containing Unenlagiinae (_Buitreraptor_ + (_Rahonavis_ 
+ _Unenlagia_)) as the sister to Microraptorinae
(_Microraptor_ + _Sinornithosaurus_) plus a polytomy of other dromaeosaurids.

HOWEVER, for once they ALSO provide an Adams consensus tree, which shows that 
all along they have actually had more consensus than
the strict consensus trees have shown. Specifically, there is a 
Velociraptorinae (_Tsaagan_ + _Velociraptor_ + _Deinonychus_), a
Dromaeosaurinae (_Utahraptor_ + _Dromaeosaurus_ + _Achillobator_ + 
_Adasaurus_), and a problematic _Saurornitholestes_.

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