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Re: Tsaagan mangas - new dromaeosaurid from Mongolia

Mike Keesey wrote:

Besides, it's descriptive of the animal. Beats "place-name-a-saurus" in my book. (Although you could make a good defense of "place-name-a-saurus" names by pointing out that they never turn
out to be inaccurate--unless the animal turns out not to be reptilian, of course.)

Occasionally fossils get named after the wrong geological place. For example, _Naashoibitosaurus_ isn't actually from the Naashoibito Member.

And "place-name-a-saurus" can sometimes become out-of-date. _Nipponosaurus_ is no longer from Japan, courtesy of a transfer of Siberian real estate that took place after the great dust-up of 1939-45.

David Krentz wrote:

If Jamie said he thought Bambiraptor was a goofy name, I'd wholeheartedly agree with him.

Arguably the goofiest name of all for a fossil is _Montypythonoides_. Thankfully, it was later sunk into another species of snake.

Naming a dinosaur after Stan Winston is also a bad idea, just ask anyone who has survived working with him.

You can sleep soundly tonight, David. Just like every other species named by the illustrious Stephan Pickering, "Tyrannosaurus stanwinstonorum" is a nomen nudum. For nomenclatural and taxonomic purposes, the name just doesn't exist.



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