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Re: Juvenile Antarctican Plesiosaur

Another related link from a local TV station with a more prosaic touch : "Loch Ness-Like Bones Found in Antarctic": http://www.nbc10.com:80/news/10512448/detail.html?treets=phi&tid=2654061083813&tml=phi_7am&tmi=phi_7am_1_06000212122006&ts=H
- Patti

-- Dan Varner:
More on the collection of a juvenile plesiosaur discovered by my pal, Foster
Sawyer of the South Dakota Geological Survey. It was an exhausting
excavation under some brutal weather conditions. DV


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Dec. 8, 2006 - Millions of years ago, a young plesiosaur died and sunk to the bottom of what is now the Southern Ocean. Recently, paleontologists found the well-preserved skeleton of this unfortunate juvenile in Antarctica, according to researchers who have been preparing the specimen for public exhibit.

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